Water reuse and recycling are a definite solution to this water shortage, and represent a politically recognized achievement in many countries, in terms of the advantages and benefits they could create.

Water reuse brings many financial and non-financial benefits.

Particular attention is therefore essential, as soon as a comparison with other projects is envisaged.

Our mission

OZOVAL develops systems for the treatment and recycling of wastewater, using its new hybrid ozonation technology, with no added chemicals and perfect disinfection.

Non-financial income consists mainly of :

Recent worldwide experience in this field, notably in Australia, South Africa and the United States, clearly confirms the financial benefits, in terms of effluent reduction, the construction of satellite processes for reliable treatment and the sale of recycled water. Water reuse is a rapidly expanding field.

Since natural disasters such as drought and global warming have worsened, considerable efforts have been made to combat the global shortage of affordable water and the pollution and degradation of river and lake water quality, mainly in developed countries.

Numerous technical solutions are available to meet the required reuse standards. Extensive processes (lagooning, infiltration-percolation, infiltration into soil and aquifers, wetlands) are easy to acquire and inexpensive, but require large surface areas and treatment quality is not always guaranteed.

Intensive methods such as filtration, physico-chemical treatment, membranes and advanced disinfection processes (chlorination, UV, ozonation) guarantee better quality water for different uses, and are much more compact.

Water recycling is the only significant alternative and an interesting option for covering both environmental protection and agricultural (irrigation), industrial and urban needs, with costs largely dependent on the process and technique used. Our project, involving an innovative new technology, goes hand in hand with this thinking, while guaranteeing better water quality and competitive production costs.


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